Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Days of the Walking Dead

20 hours of flight from a frozen world to one of heat has left me exhausted.  I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and stuffy head.  Our first day we arrived at the hotel around 2AM after being picked up by our friend.  Our bags, all five of them, were taken by Nee's brother for later.  We planned to spend our first two nights at a hotel near her house.  That was a good plan as I hadn't ever actually had to live in this heat and congestion so staying in the relative peace of a hotel gave me a chance to sleep. 

Our first day we had to get SIM chips for our phone which took about an hour.  I needed internet for my computer so I bought an air card with its own chip.  That gives me much more flexibility for the moment.  We also spent another hour or so at the bank to get Nee's bank account updated and to discover that I wasn't allowed to have an account until I have a work permit.  A strange rule but one I have to live with.  We spent much of the day at the huge Seacon Square shopping center a short walk in distance though a much longer one when taking it by foot.  I realized that my energy was quickly flowing from me.

The next day, Saturday, we headed back in the direction of the mall except this time we also went to the Rama 9 garden a few blocks behind.  The garden encompasses 200 acres and includes a large lake in the middle all the pay homage to their current king.  Though I have been an auditor most of my working career, my degree was in horticultural sciences so I have always has a love for beautiful gardens.
We caught this band playing at the gate to Rama 9 Garden.
Orchids for sale at the market.  I caught this as I stepped out of my cab.

Nee enjoying some fresh coconut.

Who said winter has to be cold?


  1. I just installed Skype on my android tablet. However have not used It before. Let's hook up soon. It'll be an experience.

  2. Thanks, Allen. It would be good to chat with you.

  3. Nice blog.
    You can get a bank account with out a work permit. The bank you tried was just being a pain. Try another one and you should get lucky. Kasikorn Bank is known for giving out accounts to foreigners with just your passport as ID.
    Good luck.

  4. Thanks, MeMock. I was able to finally get a bank account a few days ago here in Chiang Mai. We have noticed that people are much more relaxed here.